Cloud Wallet API
Introduce Payments, Bonuses, Transactions
into your product with minimal efforts
Cloud Wallet as a Service
Store and transfer any assets
Cash, points, virtual currencies, inventory, you name it.

Create as many wallets as you need
Assign several wallets per customer or even per device.

Bundle multiple operations into transactions
Run complex scenarios like commission fees or service charges.
Enter the market earlier and grow faster
Service designed to help
Innovators, Product teams and Developers
to accelerate a development
Avoiding months of development in-house and save the time of your engineers for the core functionality.

Transparent and predictable pricing.
Test the first 100 wallets for free.
Highly Scalable

Wallet API is fast and scales well with your needs, whether you need ten, ten thousand, or ten million wallets.
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The Cloud Wallet for Everything
Assign a wallet to each unique device, vehicle, or appliance and use it to Store, Transfer, and Monitor any asset of your choice
Wallets for Mobile and IoT
Any network of connected devices easily can be turned into a network of payments between devices. It enables to implement dozens of scenarios where a device pay to another device for any reason.
Build Virtual Economies Into Your Product
Let your customers execute peer-to-peer payments or transfers. It unlocks an option to get an additional revenue stream from your clients.
Implement Gamification or Loyalty Program
Create bonus accounts, issue points or give chargebacks, and increase customer engagement.
How it works
Cloud Wallet comes as a set of REST APIs.
Generate the client code for your platform of choice from our OpenAPI description and you are all set.

Call our endpoints from your backend or client code.
Many endpoints can be accessed directly from your mobile apps or device firmware.
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